Get Involved

What will you do to create smiles?

Group of children selling lemonade for Smile Train

Start a Fundraiser Today

Create a Page

Share your page with family and friends and ask them to support your efforts to create smiles.

Order materials and host event

Enhance your fundraising efforts with complimentary Smile Train-branded fundraising materials.

Create a Smile

Your support can give a child with an untreated cleft the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life filled with smiles.

Start Your Own Fundraiser

Get Creative

Anything can be a fundraiser for Smile Train! Use your imagination and skills to organize a memorable event.

Donate Your Birthday

Your support can give a child something special to celebrate on their next birthday and add smiles to yours.

Start a Student Fundraiser

Organize a school-based educational program or fundraiser to raise smiles.  

Participate in a Race

Make your next race life-changing by turning your miles into smiles.

Fundraise for Faith

Share your compassion for helping children in need with your congregation or religious school.  

Donate in Memory

Honor the memory of a loved one by raising funds to create smiles. 

Celebrate a Loved One

Honor someone special in your life by creating new smiles for children with clefts.  

Join a Fundraising Campaign

Supper for Smiles

Organize a Supper for Smiles event.

Yoga for Smiles

Practice yoga and raise funds for Smile Train.

Get-Well Cards

Instantly brighten a child’s day by sending them a get-well card after their cleft treatment.

Host a Screening

Organize a screening of “Smile Pinki,” the Oscar® winning documentary about Pinki Sonkar – a girl with an untreated cleft growing up in one of India’s least developed regions.  

Become an Ambassador for Smiles

Young Leadership Circle

Take on a leadership role in a growing network of young professionals committed to supporting children with clefts.


Make your next race life-changing for yourself and for children in need. 

Student Ambassadors

Join a group of high school students who are passionate about saving lives and making a difference.

Smile Impact Society

Be part of a collective of university students dedicated to furthering Smile Train’s sustainable approach to cleft treatment.

Journey of Smiles

Visit our patients and medical partners and discover firsthand how Smile Train is changing the world one smile at a time.