Student Ambassador Program

Smile Train's Student Ambassadors are a group of high school students passionate about making a difference.

student ambassadors posing in Smile Train headquarters

Who We Are

Smile Train's Student Ambassadors are a group of high school students who are passionate about making a difference.

Made up of students from across the U.S., this group encourages students to expand their networks, learn about the global nonprofit sector and support Smile Train's programs.

I was born with a cleft lip and had never met anyone else with a cleft lip or palate. We are connected and work together to help others.

- Sandhya Murugavel, Smile Train Student Ambassador

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Stella Adamopoulos

Jody Adeyemo

Blair Alderson

Caraline Alston

Sydney Amrine

Jazley Andrada

Macy Brockelbank

Michelle Cho

Caroline Combs

Chethana Deeduvanu

Eva Ehlinger

Lojain Elkhidir

Tariq Fahumy

Madalyna Ferguson

Amandil Fidaleo

Grace Foresman

Dylan Fox

Riley Froomin

Pooja Gadireddy

Kelly Gaertner

Mia Ge

Chloe Griffith

Lena Gudikunst

Alexandra Hanley

Alani Harwood

Amy Heaton

Elias Holloway

Jana Ismail

Sarah Jacover

McKayla Kendall

Muhammed Khan

Lucy King

Natalie Lessin

Joyce Lin

Isabella Mahar

Trisha Mantri

Colin Michna

Lily Milkis

Jane Moore

Shannon Morrissey

Piper Moss

Grace Murphy

Kevin O'Neill

Ella O'Rourke

Jay Parikh

Bella Grace Parker

Alexis Parlapiano

Isla Pearson

Colleen Post

Maddie Powell

Rabia Raziq

Alexandra Rubin

Adele Sales

Vincent Santanna

Lakshita Senthil

Erin Sheedy

Niamh Sosa

Suzanna Stipp

Destiny Tai

Trinity Tai

Sarah Thomas

Avery Walther

Diana Wan

Abby Wenger

Rashanna Wickramasinghe

Christen Woods