Next Stop, the Future of Cleft Care:

On Track to Three Million Smiles

Smile Train's Strategic Plan 2021-2026

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Smile Train’s journey began with an idea: Local experts could provide cleft care to those in need more sustainably than the prevailing mission-trip-based model. More than 1.5 million cleft surgeries, and 2,100+ empowered doctors, nurses, speech therapists, nutritionists, dentists, and so many others later, this idea has powered us to become the global leader in cleft care.

An idea can provide a lot of momentum, but it can’t lay track to an unknown future. For that, you need a map. Next Stop, the Future of Cleft Care: On Track to Three Million Smiles is Smile Train’s detailed itinerary to our next five years of exponential growth.

Imagine — more than three million children who may once have been condemned to a life of sickness, hunger, and isolation now living with smiles and hope.

All because of the power of a single idea and those — like you — who dared to believe in it.

Together, we will reach our destination and change the world, one smile at a time.

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Strategic Plan Focus


Who are our Stakeholders?

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S1 (Children, Adults, & Families)

Smile Train medical partner


S2 (Medical, Institutions, Researchers)

Smile Train supporters


S3 (Donors, Volunteers, Ambassadors)


Governments & Multilaterals

S4 (e.g. WHO, G4 Alliance, UN)

Smile Train staff

Staff & Boards

S5 (Medical & Global)