The People Behind Smile Train

smile train staff members at a hospital

Our Staff Listing

All Staff

Susannah Schaefer

Executive Vice Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer, Smile Train

Ashley Ochs

Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel

Beatriz Gonzalez

Chief Financial Officer

Erin Stieber

Chief Programs Strategy Officer

Elyse Taub

Chief Development Officer

Mamta Carrol

Senior Vice President and Regional Director, Asia

Philip Carroll

Senior Vice President, Communications

Priya Desai

Senior Vice President, Research, Data, and Evaluation

Dr. Esther Njoroge-Muriithi

Senior Vice President, Global Medical Programs

Troy Reinhart

Senior Vice President, Community and Ambassador Development

Nicole Bell

Vice President, Public Relations

Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano

Vice President, South East Asia

Rachel Kimber

Vice President, Grants Management

Shannon Lambert

Vice President and Regional Director, Americas and Europe

Adina Lescher

Vice President, Community Development

Vivian Lewis

Vice President, Human Resources

Taina Monsanto

Vice President, Finance

Nkeiruka Obi

Vice President and Regional Director, Africa

Janet Blackwood

Senior Director, Grants Management

Richard Confrey

Associate Vice President, Development

Emily McAuliffe

Senior Director, Direct Marketing

Justin McCarthy

Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships

Lori Nilsen

Senior Director, Marketing Technology

Charvee .

Program Officer, India

Ruth Advencya Monalisa

Senior Program Director, Indonesia

Tina Agustari

Program Manager, Indonesia

Meg Ahlering

Director, Development

Doha Ait

Program Manager, Morocco

Dennis Allen

Program Manager, Southern Africa

Jennifer Alvarado

Manager, Information Technology & Administration

Andrea Anaya

Senior Program Manager, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Anne Arnold, EdD

Senior Director, Education and Training

Theresa Arthur

Associate, Supporter Relations

Ingrid Astri Leonlike

Administrative Officer, Indonesia

Victoria Awazie

Senior Program Manager, West Africa

Judah Awerbuch


Iva Ballou

Manager, Cleft Community Development

Roohi Bansfore

Helpline Officer, India

Vitor Barbosa

Program Manager, Brazil

Dr. Ntyoke (Preciosa) Bento

Program Assistant, Southern Africa

Alex Berkowitz

Associate, Content Strategy

Premlata Bharadia

Director, Finance and Operations, India

Deborah Bora Zawadi

Program Manager, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Dr. Nicole Bouba

Program Director, West and Central Africa

Jack Campbell

Associate, Donor Database

Dr. Nina Capo-Chichi

Program Director, Francophone West Africa

Daniel Carlisto

Manager, Donor Database

Dan Carriero

Creative Director

Sharmistha Chakraborty

Director, Integrated Communications, India

Lewis Chang

Manager, Finance and Analytics

Phensiri Charoensuk

Program Manager, Thailand

Lyn Chhua

Senior HR Manager

Richard Chiriboga

Director, Web Development

Alida Cintron

Manager, Engagement

Cassandra Cook

Manager, Development

Sapphire Cooper

Associate, Community Development

Caroline Cuccaro

Associate, Direct Marketing

Rafael Custódio

Country Director, Brazil

Elyse Darby

Production Technician, Simulare

Vaninna Davidon

Manager, Communications, Southeast Asia

Barbara Delage

Director, Global Nutrition Programs

Karen DiBartolomeo

Director, International Audits

Kerstin Diegel

Director, Development, Germany

Dr. Mónica Domínguez

Director, Global Oral Health Programs

Dawn Ellwood

Director, Planned Giving

Ubah Elmi

Senior Production Associate, Simulare

Dianne Erquiaga

Senior Program Director, South America

Tess Fajardo

Manager, Administration, Philippines

Camila Ferreira

Senior Program Manager, Brazil

Eniola Folorunso

Manager, Quality Assurance

Jeremy Friedman

Director, Program Learning & Evaluation

Becket Gbede

Program Manager, Francophone West Africa

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez

Country Director, Mexico

Ariana Gould

Senior Manager, Community Development

Felix Grimares

Program Director, Philippines

Ana Gutiérrez Ulibarri

Administrative Coordinator, Mexico

Ana Gutiérrez Ulibarri

Program Assistant, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean

Sarah Hamilton

Senior Manager, Programs Communications

AJ Hartman

Director, Internal Communication

Robert He

Area Director, North Asia

Christian Henry

Manager, Programs Research and Innovation

Julia Heymann

Associate, Public Relations and Social Media

Melissa Hodges

Programs Director, US & Canada

Sara Horne

Director, Global Speech Programs

Michael Horowitz

Director, Digital Fundraising

ABM Mobasher Hossain

Program Director, Bangladesh

Lucy Hounsham

Supporter Experience Officer

Dr. Elizabeth Igaga

Director, Safety & Quality

Leela Imam

Senior Program Manager, India

Sarah Ingle

Senior Manager, Social Media and Ambassador Relations

Rahul Jha

Manager, Development, India

Linda Jones

Associate, Supporter Relations

Veronica Kamwela

Program Manager, Tanzania

Joseph Kariuki

Program Manager, East Africa

Anjali Katoch

Senior Director, Communications & Business Development India

Kristina Kelkenberg

Senior Manager, Program Stewardship

Ann Kelly

Manager, Database Support, UK

Zainab Khan


Leila Kigha

Content Creator, Africa

Rahul Kir

Associate, Finance and Operations, India

Sheila Koyyana

Program Director, India

Olga Kudamanova

Program Manager, Europe

Ravi Kumar

Senior Manager, Finance, Accounts & Administration, India

Sanjoy Kumar Chakraborty

Office Assistant, India

Derek Kwait

Senior Copywriter

Deasy Larasati

Country Manager and Program Director, Indonesia

Max Larson

Associate, Grants Management

Brandon Lawson

Director, Content Strategy

Braden Lay-Michaels

Vice President, International Development

Geon Lee

Manager, Supply Chain, Simulare

Michelle Lin


Paul Lobi

Helpline Officer, Nigeria

Ernesto Lolarga

Program Manager, Philippines

Matthew Lowe

Manager, Payroll & HR

R. James Madigan III

In-House Counsel

Mariane Manfredini Goes

Director, Education & Training, Latin America & The Caribbean

Emily Manjeru

PR & Communications Manager, Africa

Marina Marot

Marketing & Communications, Latin America & the Caribbean

Candace Mauck

Manager, Team Empower

Mike Mazzaferro

Director, Corporate Partnerships

Nick McGann

Senior Manager, Planned Giving

Renu Mehta

Area Director, South Asia

Afaf Meky

Executive Manager, Development, United Arab Emirates

Hilda Melendez

Director, Donor Database

Wendrich Montero

Senior Graphic Designer

Roanne Moore

Manager, Development, UK

Antonina Morari


Laila Mousa

Associate, Programs Communications

Dr. Bethel Mulugeta Yaregal

Program Assistant, East Africa Horn

Adaeze Muonyelu

Program Assistant, Nigeria

Patrick Mwai

Manager, Education & Training, Africa

Shamima Nawsin

Program Manager, Bangladesh

Sharon Ngang

Program Assistant, Central Africa

Jane Ngige

Senior Program Director, East and Southern Africa

Adrien Nzuzi

Program Assistant, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Emily Oliver

Manager, Brand Marketing & Communications, UK

Gomathi P

Senior Helpline Officer, India

Camryn Pearson

Front End Developer

Cássio Pereira

Associate, Administration, Brazil

Irina Pertseva

Production Technician, Simulare

Khristina Pertseva

Production Technician, Simulare

Grace Peters

Manager, Comprehensive Cleft Care

Theadora Petropoulos

Associate, Grants Management

Jason Pomeroy

Director, Annual Leadership Development

Albert Poon

Drupal, Backend Web Developer

Tess Potter

Associate, Development

Tsiferana Rakotoarisoa

Program Manager, Madagascar

Lea Ramey

Senior Manager, Accounting

Danielle Ramirez

IT Systems Administrator

Sofia Ramos

Production Technician, Simulare

Kelly Regan

Manager, Development

Karla Rico Gil

Program Manager, Mexico

David Riordan

Director, Development

Stephanie Ritchie

Manager, Development

Jonathan Roberts

Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships (Interim) and Community Development, UK

James Rohman

Database Specialist

Margaret Ruiz

Manager, Education and Training

Ewa Rumprecht

Vice President, Programs Data & Technology

Michael Sampiano

Senior Director, Development

Jodi Schwarzer

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Sarah Selby

Head of Individual Giving, UK

Nooranna Sikder

Manager, Corporate Partnerships, UK

Abel Smerica

Director, Research & Innovation

Eric Solomon

Grants Manager, Administration

Wei Sun

Manager, Program Accounting

Omnia Tawfeek

Senior Program Consultant, Egypt and North Africa

Jake Tolan

Director, Direct Marketing

Trang Tran

Program Manager, Vietnam

Bethany Tulloch

Director, Corporate & Foundation Partnerships

Fernando Valencia

Video Producer

Ian Vallance

Director, UK

Nguyen Van Thuc

Program Manager, Myanmar

Ivan Velez

Program Manager, South America

Ivy Vetter

Administrative Assistant, Germany

Yuki Yang

Program Manager, China

Alec Yang

Graphic Designer

Branavan Yasabala

Manager, Product Development & Manufacturing, Simulare

Henry Yeager

Senior Video Producer

Sibusisiwe Yona

Program Director, Southern Africa

Ryan Zapolski

Manager, Development

Sesnie Zemichael

Senior Program Manager, East Africa

Emily Zoller

Director, Grants Management