Board of Directors

CEO Susannah Schaefer holds a child with cleft in China

Board of Directors Listings

Roy E. Reichbach

Board Chair
CEO, Phenix Real-Time Solutions, Inc.

Susannah Schaefer

Executive Vice Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer, Smile Train

Robert T. Bell

Finance Chair, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.

Mathias Kiwanuka

V.P. International Initiatives & Programs, Ultimaxx Health

Arthur J. McCarthy


Alternate Governor, New York Islanders

Richard A. Ruderman

President & CEO, Krieger Ruderman & Co., LLC

Paula M. Shugart

Former President & Consultant, Miss Universe Organization

Crystle Stewart

Owner & CEO, Miss Academy

In Memoriam

Charles B. Wang (1944-2018), Founder, Smile Train