Board of Directors

CEO Susannah Schaefer holds a child with cleft in China

Board of Directors Listings

Roy E. Reichbach

Board Chair
CEO, Phenix Real-Time Solutions, Inc.

Susannah Schaefer

Executive Vice Chair

President and Chief Executive Officer, Smile Train

Robert T. Bell

Finance Chair, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.

Ed Goren

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Goren Media Group

Mathias Kiwanuka

CEO, Wandering Wines

Arthur J. McCarthy


Alternate Governor, New York Islanders

Richard A. Ruderman

President & CEO, Krieger Ruderman & Co., LLC

Paula M. Shugart

President, Miss Universe Organization

Crystle Stewart

President, Miss USA Organization

In Memoriam

Charles B. Wang (1944-2018), Founder, Smile Train