Cleft Con

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December 10, 2022

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As the world’s largest cleft charity, Smile Train is so proud to organize Cleft Con – an honest, immersive, and interactive experience for the entire cleft community. In one unforgettable day, you’ll learn from experts on the issues that most affect us, from the emotional and medical to the logistical. You’ll participate in roundtable discussions with others who have been there. And you’ll leave with new strategies for tackling tough conversations, ways to educate others about clefts, and new friends for life.

New to Cleft Con? Visit the session recording links below to view past Cleft Con sessions.

The 3rd Annual Global Cleft Con will be held on December 10, 2022. Fill out the form below in order to be notified when registration opens!

Nov 23, 2021

At Cleft Con 2021, Vulnerability is Strength

“It's amazing what your cleft journey will do to your life when you embrace it.”

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