Haleon and Smile Train

Jointly breaking down the barriers to cleft care access

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For Health. With Humanity. Haleon is a global leader in consumer health. Haleon’s leading brands are built on science, innovation, and human understanding and are trusted by millions of consumers globally.

Working Together to
Transform Lives

In 2018, GSK Consumer Health entered a partnership with Smile Train. It was a natural fit for two organizations that share a belief that healthier mouths lead to happier moments… and more smiles.

In July 2022, GSK Consumer Healthcare became Haleon. Smile Train and Haleon are committed to smiles and building health inclusivity for people with clefts. Working hand-in-hand with local cleft teams, we have made a tremendous difference for cleft-affected families in 93 countries.

Together, we have:

  • Helped 54,000+ patients, including supporting:
    • 16,000+ cleft surgeries
    • 11,300 non-surgical comprehensive cleft care treatments, such as nutritional support, dental care, and speech services.
    • Hospital transportation and food for 26,700 patient families, to ensure nothing comes between children with clefts and the care they need.
  • Subsidized the education of more than 4,400 local cleft professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, dentists, speech therapists, nutritionists, and ear, nose, and throat doctors.
  • Established toll-free cleft care hotlines in India and Nigeria, breaking down barriers to healthcare access by connecting 4,500+ people with clefts to the treatment they need, even in the most remote areas, even while in lockdown.

Haleon has featured Smile Train in cause-related marketing campaigns in 15 countries, at 153+ retailers and on five eCommerce platforms globally. They have also introduced Smile Train’s lifesaving work and sustainable model to dental conferences around the world, giving them a seat at the table with major dental organizations including FDI World Dental Federation (FDI). Through that partnership, Smile Train has launched Oral Health in Comprehensive Health Guidelines, educational resources, and Massive Open Online Courses for oral health professionals.

And Haleon’s passion for smiles doesn’t stop when the workday ends. Their employees have enthusiastically gone the extra mile for smiles, including running marathons and triathlons and hosting fundraisers in their communities and offices to benefit Smile Train, raising USD $500,000+ in employee donations.