Cleft Community Advisory Council

Cleft community advisory council member holding her child

The CCAC is an important part of Smile Train's community. Informed by their own experiences with clefts, our members help advance the organization’s communications strategies, and through an array of engagement activities, help strengthen the US cleft community.

2023 CCAC Members

Nora Abu Hassan

Sonja Ashcraft

Chelsea Baratto

Ashley Barbour

Abigail Barreto

Eric Bates

Kavitha Bhaskar

Carl Eric Bodo

Teresa Bridges

Tish Burke

Monica Bush

Amanda Canary

Robert D'Auria

Kayla Dawson

Melissa Dillon

Karine Dombroff

Kate Donavan

Anna Ellis

Samantha Elmore

Christine Errico

Jason Fagley

Jessi Fasse

Alyson Ferguson

Allison Fors

Marie Gettel-Gilmartin

Lindsay Grenert

Tracy Guy

Brooke Hansen

Debbie Hanson

Serena Heid

Sally Hiraldo

Susan Hollis

Christina Larrow

Alexis Lee

Matthew Lenius

Christine Maier

Dennis Martin

Nathalie Martinez

Victoria Matey

Bonnie McLaughlin

Hannah McNeal

Caitlin Mesiano

Lauren Michalsen

Dillion Miller

Jennifer Miner

Linda Morris

Jamie Paratore

Luci Capo Rome

Samuel Rosen

Jim Rowe

Suzanne Santomieri

Patricia Savely

Anastasia Shender

Julia Stidham

Victoria Stolle

Matt Suellentrop

Allison Trenerry

Elle Walters

Toni-Elizabeth Wilkerson

Jessi Williams

Sara Williamson

Growing Up With a Cleft

Ashley Barbour, Christine Errico, and Amy Wilde open up about their personal experiences growing up with clefts, share what they wish more people understood about clefts, and offer suggestions on how parents can best support their children through their cleft care journeys.

Having a Child With a Cleft

Chelsea Baratto, Jessi Fasse, and Susan Hollis share a candid conversation about their experiences as mothers to children with clefts. They discuss how they navigate challenges ranging from school to the healthcare system and share their advice to new parents of children with clefts.

Logistical Challenges in Cleft Care

Alyson Ferguson, Christine Errico, and Jessi Williams discuss their own connections to clefts and some of the greatest logistical hurdles they’ve faced in accessing high-quality care. They also share advice for others beginning their cleft care journeys.

Patient and Family Resources

Smile Train aims to support families worldwide by creating, connecting, and sharing resources about comprehensive cleft care. Explore our site to find expert advice and resources!

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