Why This ER Doctor Donates Monthly to Smile Train

"The number of people's lives they're changing is absolutely incredible."

As an ER doc, former Army Ranger, and contestant on The Bachelorette, Dr. Jed Ballard has seen a lot. But even he couldn't believe the difference Smile Train's sustainable model makes to cleft-affected children and regional healthcare systems the world over.

It's why he signed up to become a Frequent Smiler, or monthly donor to Smile Train.

"We all feel we have great days, bad days, whatever. But literally by having my auto monthly donations, all I need to do is live another 30 days and I've impacted a couple lives significantly."

When your monthly donations add up to $1,000 or more each year, you also qualify for the Premiere Circle — a leadership group that comes with exclusive benefits and more opportunities to give back to the cleft community.