Adina Lescher

Vice President, Community Development

Adina joined Smile Train in 2008 and is currently overseeing the organization’s efforts to empower community groups and individuals throughout the U.S. to raise both funds and awareness for Smile Train’s programs. With a focus on engaging youth and millennial supporters, Adina’s team has founded Smile Train’s Young Leadership Circle, the High School Student Ambassador program and the Smile Impact Society for University students. In addition to working with Team EMPOWER, Smile Train’s athletic fundraising program and the Cleft Community Advisory Council (CCAC), Adina oversees the Journey of Smiles program which gives supporters the opportunity to visit our programs in the field to see the impact of their support firsthand. 

Adina graduated from the joint program between Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary and holds Bachelor’s degrees in American History and Jewish Women’s Studies. She received her MS in Nonprofit Management from Milano, The New School for Management and Urban Policy.