Smile Train Donates $1M in Emergency Funding to Ukraine Partners

Ukraine Flag

As the crisis in Ukraine intensifies, Smile Train’s courageous local partner hospitals and medical teams remain on the frontlines, working around the clock to offer lifesaving treatment to critically ill children, provide crisis care to the wounded, and shelter families fleeing unimaginable violence. And they need our help.

In response to the urgent needs our partners on the ground are facing, Smile Train today is proud to donate $1M in emergency funding, which will enable the continuation of vital services for children, families, and the greater Ukrainian community and protect the future of the health care system in Ukraine – a country where we have actively supported our partners since 2008. 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and our countless other supporters, we are able to stand in solidarity with those on the ground fighting to uphold the future of health care in Ukraine. We hope that the coming days bring an end to violence—and that when peace prevails, our partner and all treatment centers throughout Ukraine will stand ready to welcome the cleft community with open arms.