Being a Frequent Smiler is an easy and economical way to help children born with clefts each month while maintaining your budget.

Just a few dollars a month can save children’s lives.

Select a monthly amount that's affordable for you and your family, and Smile Train will automatically bill your credit card or deduct it from your checking account each month. You’ll never have to write a check, buy a stamp or find an envelope again!

Frequent Smilers receive the following benefits:

  • Stories and updates on our programs in the field
  • Dedicated staff to answer your questions
  • An annual statement to assist you in your tax preparation

Already a Frequent Smiler?

For any questions involving your monthly gift, contact us at 1.800.932.9541 to do the following:

  • Update your name or email address
  • Upgrade your monthly gift amount
  • Request change of payment date, to cancel or to skip a payment
Kiyench and Mom


Help us deliver lifesaving, comprehensive cleft care and minimize expenses.