Mobile Applications

We leverage mobile technology to accelerate our patients’ access to comprehensive cleft care and bring essential treatments to their doorstep.

two children playing Smile Train speech therapy app

Mobile App for Speech Therapy Practice

Experts agree that children respond best to speech therapy when it is fun and engaging. Smile Train has developed a free, interactive cleft palate speech application to match this widespread belief. The app is meant for children with cleft palate speech problems, involving stories, games and songs for them to improve their speech. This app lowers the burden on families with limited means to travel for therapy and the fun nature of the curriculum encourages children to practice more often to yield better speech outcomes. The app is currently available in English (“Smile Train Speech Games and Practice”) and Spanish (“Smile Train Habla y Lenguaje”).

App to Connect Patients to Care

Smile Train has developed a mobile and web-based app across seven languages that helps identify active Smile Train cleft treatment centers closest to patients. Resources included in the app explain cleft lip and palate and educate patients on treatment options. It assists community health and social workers in tracking patients’ progress in accessing a treatment facility and receiving free cleft surgery.

Coming Soon