360° Smiles

Immerse yourself in virtual reality and experience the journeys of two children with untreated clefts on their way to new smiles.

Experience the Power of a Smile Like Never Before

Follow along in 360° as two children, born with clefts, receive their life-changing cleft repair surgeries.

Both videos can be viewed on virtual reality devices or directly in your browser. On smartphones, just move your phone left, right, up, or down. On desktop computers, use your mouse to shift the perspective.

Meet Nisha

Nisha's parents were shocked when she was born with a cleft lip. Surviving on a couple of dollars a day, the family feared Nisha would never receive her cleft repair surgery.

With her mother by her side, Nisha embarks on the trip to receive 100%-free cleft repair surgery from Smile Train’s local partner surgeon. She has finally made it to the biggest moment of her life – the moment where everything will change.

Meet Vikas

Like more than 170,000 children in the developing world every year, Vikas was born with a cleft.

His cleft lip and palate made it difficult for him to eat, breathe, speak, and hear. And he covered his face whenever he left his home so other children wouldn’t tease him.

With unrelenting support from his family, Vikas remains strong during his journey and emerges from life-changing surgery with newfound hope.