Nurse Celeste

Nurse Celeste used to feel so unable to help the babies with clefts that were born in her ward that she avoided them. Then she had a son with a cleft.

Celeste is a neonatology nurse in Argentina. When a baby with a cleft was born in her hospital, she used to avoid treating them if she could, feeling ignorant and unable to help with their unique challenges.

Then her son, Vicente, was born with a cleft. Special feeding apparatuses, multiple surgeries, speech therapy, dental care, and more followed, all before he turned four — along with many sleepless nights for Celeste worrying about his future. But Vicente handled all of it like a hero.

Now, when a baby with a cleft is born at her hospital, Celeste runs to help their family, then stays with them through every step of the healing process. And if they ever need a dose of hope, she shows them photos and videos of Vicente, who instantly becomes their hero, too.

This International Nurses Day, Smile Train salutes Celeste and all of our other heroic partner nurses around the world for the lifesaving work they do, now and always.