Smile Pinki

The Academy Award®-winning story of a little girl, her father, and how one smile can change the world.

Smile Pinki, the Academy Award®-winning documentary short (2008), is the heartwarming and true story of a brave little girl named Pinki, who waited six long years for life-changing cleft surgery.

Pinki's birth shocked her village. They had never seen anyone with a cleft before. Unable to read or write, Pinki's parents had no idea that their daughter’s cleft could be treated.
But one day, a social worker told Pinki’s parents about a free cleft treatment program in Benares, their nearest city. Immediately, Pinki and her father set off on foot to the local Smile Train partner hospital there, where Pinki would receive a new smile... and a second chance at life.
Watch this real-world fairytale unfold.