How It’s Made: Simulare Medical Surgical Simulators

How a division of Smile Train produces the world’s leading surgical cleft simulators

In 2020, Smile Train acquired Simulare Medical, a leading manufacturer of astoundingly lifelike surgical simulators. On the workshop floor, the deal changed almost nothing. Each one of the 2,000+ surgical simulators Simulare Medical produces each year is still meticulously handcrafted by expert staff in Toronto according to the trade secrets and exacting quality standards that propelled the brand to become the most respected name in the field.

Globally, however, the deal changed everything. Without concerns about profitability and supercharged with open access to the world's leading experts on clefts and the world's largest database of cleft patients, the Simulare Medical team has unleashed innovation after innovation. With Dr. Dale Podolsky from the Hospital for Sick Children, they developed the first-ever Bilateral Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Simulator in 2022. This year, Dr. Podolsky and team will launch the first-ever Alveolar Bone Graft Simulator.

And thanks to Smile Train's unparalleled reach and unique, sustainable model, these proven, top-of-the-line tools are being provided for free to cleft surgeons across every corner of the planet.

We recently traveled to Toronto to get an inside look at the love and care that goes into creating each Simulare Medical model before they go out to our partners.

Using 3-D printers, molds, and hundreds of gallons of silicon each year to make surgery safer the world over — just one more way Smile Train is changing the world one smile at a time.

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