A Platform for Josh Buus

January 23, 2019 | Smile Train

Josh Buus with a Smile Train shirt

Josh Buus was born with a cleft palate and a left nostril that was deemed medically unusable. The combination of the two issues made breathing especially difficult for Josh as an infant, and he required corrective surgery almost immediately.

Josh needed additional surgeries and treatment over the next several years. His mother knew the importance of early cleft treatment and continuing care, so she became a Smile Train supporter to help mothers who were unable to give their children the care they needed. After all the surgeries were over for Josh, he was thankful for the result, “I have been very blessed in my life and received a fantastic repair.”

After school, Josh became adept at networking marketing and uses his social feeds to rate and sell products, create livestream videos, and support his friends and the causes he cares about.

Recently, as his birthday was approaching, Josh decided to dedicate the milestone to raising funds for Smile Train and helping a child get cleft lip and palate treatment. “Having been born with a cleft palate, I know firsthand the struggles that affected children and adults go through. The funds raised will help others find their happiness,” he said.

Josh set his initial fundraising goal at $250 and, over the next several weeks, created a series of videos encouraging his family and friends to donate. Josh shared his own story of the difficulties he experienced with cleft and quickly met his fundraising goal. Josh used his platform to advocate for others.

After the goal was met, Josh took the time to thank everyone who donated by posting, “Because of you, another child will be able to smile with confidence due to this life-changing procedure — the same I received over 30 years ago.”

If you would like to donate your birthday to Smile Train, just like Josh, check out the Get Involved section of our site.