Maria: The Family of a Smile

February 18, 2016 | Smile Train

9-year-old Maria is the true heart of her very large family. When she was just a baby, Maria’s parents Stella and Jesus brought her to a Smile Train partner hospital near their small mountain town outside of Bogota, Colombia for cleft lip repair.

And Maria hasn’t stopped smiling since.

Friends come easy for Maria, and her best friend Karen is always by her side. A bubbly and happy child, she is always looking for an excuse to dance and play.

Her family is very close, constantly laughing, smiling, and eating together in their small home behind the auto shop where her father works.

The family home is full of love and Maria’s bubbly personality adds to the constant energy and laughter. From making dinner to studying for school, Maria is always in the center of the action.

Maria’s curiosity and confidence has inspired her to learn to ride a bike, pick up tips in her dad’s auto shop and her parents know she has a bright future ahead of her.