Amana’s Henna Art Amazes

May 14, 2018 | Smile Train

Henna is a plant-derived dye used to temporarily stain skin, hair, and nails, often with elaborate designs. Used throughout the world for thousands of years, this art form remains popular today with many adorning henna during formal gatherings or just as causal artistic expressions.   

Amana Sabir has practiced henna for as long as she can remember. “I love creating intricate designs with henna for cultural and religious events. My community has always asked me to do henna and I gladly do it for everyone without asking for anything in return,” said Amana.

Smile Train Fundraising

Amana was introduced to Smile Train during her time as a student at Louisiana State University. She and her fellow Pre-Dental Society club members raised an incredible $27,000+ in just a few short years through the group’s annual 5K race — Amana was astonished and proud at the life-changing impact she helped make for 100+ children along the way. So, after graduation, Amana decided to keep raising funds for Smile Train with one of her strongest passions — henna.

Henna Tattoos

Over the past year, Amana asked her family and friends for donations to Smile Train in exchange for her henna designs — they gladly obliged. During Eid, Amana raised $200 in just one day and at a local festival she performed henna applications for six hours straight. Amana comments on her progress, “My goal is to continue doing henna at cultural and fundraising events that my town holds every year. I hope to raise enough to make a difference for many children this year.”

Henna fundraising

Amana stated that there is nothing more rewarding than pairing something she loves with helping children all over the world.

Find out more about Amana or donate to her efforts on her fundraising page. Use your own unique talents to help children living with untreated clefts by creating a fundraising page of your own.