Airbnb Works with Smile Train to Give Access to Cleft Treatments Around the World

October 10, 2019 | Smile Train

Smile Train partnership with Airbnb

Airbnb has a history of working with hosts around the world to foster social good. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Airbnb built a tool that enabled 1,400 hosts to open their doors to displaced neighbors and relief workers. The Airbnb Open Homes program allows hosts to provide free or reduced prices for families in need of medical support or emergency housing. 

Smile Train is excited to announce that Airbnb is partnering with Smile Train to provide cleft treatments. For every new host who creates a listing through this link and receives a booking, Airbnb will make a $250 donation* to Smile Train toward cleft treatment for a child in need. 


Smile Train’s Director of Corporate Partnerships Ellyn Harris said of the new program, “There are millions of hosts on Airbnb with thousands added each month. The potential for giving children access to a full range of cleft treatment services, they would otherwise never receive is incredible.”

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Explore our Corporate Partnerships page and see how other companies are getting involved.

*Offer valid for new and existing members of Smile Train that become hosts of Airbnb Inc. (“Airbnb”) per the following terms. To qualify for this offer, you must: (a) be a new, first time Host with Airbnb with listing created on/after 8th August 2019; (b) come to the Airbnb website host sign up page through a Smile Train provided link; receive your first booking before 31st December 2019; (e) when you receive your first booking as a new Airbnb Host before 31st December 2019, Airbnb will donate $250 to Smile Train towards funding a cleft lip palate surgery. Listings created outside of the specific link provided by Airbnb in the promotional email or landing page are not be eligible for this offer. (e) Airbnb is not responsible for delivery of services donated. The qualifying donations will be facilitated and fulfilled by Smile Train.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Offer is available globally except for listings created in the following areas: Miami, The Big Island, and China. This offer is exclusively provided by Smile Train. Airbnb is not responsible for the delivery of, operation of, or any consequences related to Smile Train, its products, or its services.