A Recipe for Smiles

January 31, 2019 | Smile Train

Connie Brown of Manchester, Massachusetts was a giving person. She volunteered for over 60 years for local schools, sang in her church choir, and was a member of nine different local charities. Connie gave her time, talents, and money to any good cause.

One of her special gifts was cooking and baking for others with recipes passed down from her Greek parents as well as ones of her own design. Connie’s nephew Dave fondly recalls, “Aunt Connie was a legend with children on the North Shore — she showered them with love, attention, and baked treats.”

When Connie passed away at the age of 93, Dave was entrusted with Connie’s abundant recipe collection. As Dave poured over the recipes, it wasn’t long before he decided he needed to create a cookbook to share the recipes with the world. They had brought many people joy for generations, and it would be a great way to celebrate Connie’s legacy.

So, armed with 80 years of family recipes, Dave and co-author Mary Jane Brown began working on the cookbook. Several months and 267 pages later, the job was done, and Cooking with Aunt Connie: Handwritten Recipes from a Big-Hearted American Kitchen was finished. As an homage to his aunt’s giving nature, Dave decided that all proceeds would be donated to Smile Train.

Family working on Cooking with Connie Cookbook

Aunt Connie, like Smile Train, put smiles on children’s faces, and I want that legacy to live on. The cookbook honors Connie in a meaningful way, but the possibility that her recipes will continue changing children’s lives gives it another level of meaning and purpose. I hope people experience that same joy and sense of purpose when they buy a copy.

Appropriately, Greek pastries were served during a recent book signing at 4-Beach Street Gifts & Goodies in Manchester-by-the-Sea. It was another opportunity for local residents to smile because of a Connie Brown recipe.

To view exclusive images from the book, or to learn more, visit the Cooking with Connie store on blurb.com