Included with the entry into your race, all Smile Train Team EMPOWER participants have FULL access to the coaching services of the QT2 Systems.

QT2 Systems was founded in 2006 and specializes in coaching all triathletes, from first timers to professionals, at all distances, sprints to IRONMAN®. All QT2 System athletes receive a detailed training plan based on YOUR specific limiters, life logistics, and physiological makeup. Additionally, QT2 Systems prides itself on supporting and educating their athletes, as they advance through the training plan.

Why is this important as you prepare for your event?

  • Having a training plan, prepared for you, takes the guesswork out of your own training plan.  All you have to do is train!
  • You are less likely to get injured, sick, and over or under-train, if coaches are guiding you along the way.
  • You will have extra motivation to train, especially during the cold winter months.
  • Training support is free. This service is included when you sign up for a Team EMPOWER fundraiser.

What can you expect from QT2 Systems?

  • Your own personalized training plan, which can be followed using heart rate-based training and/or perceived exertion.
  • For those who enjoy heart rate-based training, heart rate zones specific to you, based upon your data.
  • A strength training program to help avoid injury.
  • Access to a Smile Train-specific ‘Coach Connect’ forum for training support.
  • Multiple webinars and mailers covering training, nutrition, pacing, and recovery topics.
  • A free online training log account, using Addaero Solo, where you can easily track your workouts on any computer or smartphone.
  • Access to the QT2 Systems website, which is a great resource for additional tips about strength training, nutrition, race pacing, and much more.