They Can Choose Any Charity In the World to Support

Here's Why They Choose Smile Train

Tatyana Ali

"I had never before considered how having a cleft affects every single aspect of a person's life. In Mazatlan, I was truly humbled and experienced first hand the many ways that Smile Train is improving lives around the world. I saw people of all ages undergoing life-changing surgery. I saw local doctors being trained. It was incredible to know that this blessing would not be a one time occurrence, but a persisting force of undeniable good."

Grant and Angie Balfour
Professional Baseball Player

"We've seen the before-and-after photos of those kids and how can that not make you feel better? You see the magnitude of what this organization does. You see kids smile, and they're so innocent."

John Bishop

"I’ve watched the Smile Pinki film and was moved and inspired by what I saw. I am honoured to be associated with an organisation like Smile Train."

Christie Brinkley
American Supermodel, Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador

"When you smile, the world smiles with you. Thank you Smile Train for giving so many children a whole new world of happiness."

Graham Elliot
Celebrity Chef

"Smile Train puts a grin on my face almost as large as my son Conrad's, who was born with a bilateral cleft. Next stop: joy & happiness...all aboard!"

Kristen Taekman

"Smile Train is a wonderful organization that recognizes the necessity of a smile. Your smile, my smile, most importantly, our children's smile – it is the most powerful way to express emotion, and always there to make people feel happy, warm, and safe. Smile Train has a brilliant approach to helping families and children all over the world change their lives one beautiful smile at a time."

Marian Rivera
Filipino Actress and TV Personality, Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador, Philippines Ambassador for Women and Children with Disabilities

“A smile is such a precious gift. It can change lives. I was so pleased to hear about the great work of Smile Train in the Philippines. It was an easy choice for an advocacy I could support. I hope that, in my own little way, I can help Smile Train make a difference in the lives of thousands more who are in desperate need of cleft surgery.”

Steven R. McQueen
Actor and Model

When I visited Haiti, I got to see the amazing work that Smile Train does firsthand. Seeing a child’s new smile after their surgery was a life-changing experience. Not only can a smile change the way a child looks on the outside, but it can also change the way they feel on the inside.

Dan Bucatinsky
Actor, Producer

"Smile and the whole world smiles with you" goes the famous song lyric. And it's true. One smile inspires another -- and another -- and another. Smile Train helps teach local doctors how to put smiles on the faces of thousands of children who, like my niece, were born with cleft lip and/or palates... In effect, this wonderful organization is creating a limitless train of smiles the world over! And that's one train I'm happy to catch a ride on!"

Dean Cain

"It was a pretty amazing situation to be with Smile Train with these incredibly talented doctors and watch them work. All you have to do is see one little child and suddenly you want to help them anyway you can. Smile Train surgeons are in there physically touching and fixing and changing people's lives and I think it's just incredible."

Stephen Colbert
Television Host

"Smile Train is even better than the Love Train, the Peace Train, and the Crazy Train."

Kevin Connolly

"What could be better than helping a little kid smile for the first time? I bet it puts a smile on your face too."

Erik Estrada

"It's a beautiful thing that Smile Train does. They are the angels to these communities."

The Late Walter Cronkite
Former Managing Editor & Anchor

"It's hard to believe that something that costs so little and happens so fast can have such a big impact. This life-changing surgery provides these children with a new smile and the promise of a new future. And a second chance at life that they never thought they'd get."

Sammi Hanratty

"Smiles are contagious. When I see a child smile, it warms my heart. It breaks my heart to know that children born with a cleft in developing countries are thought to be cursed. We can change that. For only $250 you can give a child a second chance at life and save them from being ostracized. By donating to Smile Train, you are helping make a difference in thousands of lives."

Rebecca Herbst

"Giving the gift of a new smile to a child also gives that child a second chance at life. That's something to really smile about."

Jane Kaczmarek

“Supporting Smile Train’s work is such a tangible way to know you’re making a difference in a child’s life. Thank you to Smile Train for giving us the opportunity to make a life by giving a life.”

Howie Mandel
Comedian, TV Show Host

“I have spent my life trying to elicit smiles. There’s nothing more precious than the smile on a child’s face. This is one train ride well worth taking. I can’t thank you enough for letting me be part of this organization’s priceless achievements.”

Mary McCartney

“The difference Smile Train makes to both the children and their families’ lives is enormous.”

Reba McEntire
Award Winning Country Music Artist and Actor

"Please join me in supporting Smile Train. Together we can turn tears into smiles and despair into hope."

Nick Merico
Actor and Singer

"On a recent trip to Brazil I had the opportunity to meet some kids helped by Smile Train. That was all it took... I was hooked. To be able to witness that physical and spiritual transformation is an honor. And the selflessness of the local doctors, nurses, and hospital staff is something to behold. It was such a privilege to meet them.”

Bette Midler
Actor, Singer

“It’s incredible the number of children’s lives transformed by Smile Train every day.”

Grace S. Msalame
Media Personality

"It breaks my heart to know that cleft lip and palate can be treated in a matter of minutes, yet due to lack of awareness we have children who are frowned on by their own families and are forced to grow up with that struggle. Yet, there is hope as Smile Train offers FREE life-changing corrective surgery across Africa and around the world. It is therefore our duty to spread the word and give children the right to grow up and lead healthy lives."

Taniya Nayak
Interior Designer and TV Personality

A smile never goes out of style – and looks good in every room!

Jimmy Pardo
Comedian, Actor

"Being a comedian and host of the award winning podcast "Never Not Funny", it was a no-brainer to support Smile Train, since we are both in the business of putting smiles on people's faces."

General Colin Powell
Former U.S. Secretary of State

“By helping the children of the poorest people living in the world’s poorest places, Smile Train is showing the world what America is truly all about.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Actor, Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador

"God has given me plenty of reasons to smile and I feel it's time to spread it around. There are a lot of children out there who so desperately need help, but can’t receive timely care because their families cannot afford this surgery or are ill-educated about this condition. Working with Smile Train, if I can make a difference in their lives, it will certainly make me feel honored and blessed."

Kelly Rutherford

"Every child deserves to smile!"

Gale and Ardythe Sayers
Gale Sayers: Chicago Bear and NFL Hall of Fame Legendary Running Back, Chairman-Gale Sayers Foundation | Ardythe Sayers: Trustee-Gale Sayers Foundation

“Smile Train is making a profound difference in the lives of so many children and families around the world; one smile at a time!"

Sammy Sheik

"Smile Train doesn't only restore smiles, it restores lives. It restores children's ability to eat, breathe and have confidence to take on a new lease on life."

Carly Simon
Singer Songwriter

“If you like kids and you like doing things that help people, I think you’d really like being part of this group.”

Hilary Swank

“Having a humble beginning myself, I know how it feels to not fit in. I can only imagine the pain and heartbreak these kids face every day. My hope is that we can give each and every one a beautiful smile.”

Nick Symmonds
Olympic Athlete

"The work that Smile Train has done to assist those born with clefts inspires me every day. Running has allowed me to travel the world and, at times, bear witness to incredible poverty. I am reminded of the many blessings we have here in America and the wise words that, 'to whom much is given, much will be expected.' The hard working men and women at Smile Train have clearly taken these words to heart and are giving thousands of smiles back to the world every year."

Lauren Thompson
Television Host

"A Smile is a powerful thing. In a single action, we have the power to change our own mood and brighten the world around us. But children born with clefts in developing countries are doomed to suffer simply for how they were born. Being able to smile is a gift. Giving a Smile changes the World."

The Late Robin Williams
Actor, Comedian

"There are a million different ways to make someone laugh, but I must say, Smile Train is one of the best ways I have ever seen to help someone smile."

Pia Wurtzbach
Miss Universe 2015, Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador

“As Miss Universe, I look forward to lending my voice and a helping hand to continue to raise awareness for children born with cleft lip and palate in the developing world, including my home country, the Philippines.”

The Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
11th President of India

At a function to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Smile Train India, former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam talks about the success of Smile Train, the virtues of doctors and the need to reach a million Indian children still suffering from cleft lip and palate defects.

Karrueche Tran
American Actress and Model, Fashion Stylist, Brand Influencer, Socialite and Smile Train Supporter

"Being able to be a part of a life-changing moment in someone's life is an unforgettable experience and I commend Smile Train on all the work they do for those in need around the world."

Quincy Brown
American Actor, Recording Artist, Entrepreneur and Smile Train Supporter

"It's easy to forget that a smile is so much more than a physical feature. To the children Smile Train helps, a smile is a second chance at life."

Elizabeth Henstridge

"I have been lucky enough to see, firsthand, the incredible work of Smile Train. I have seen the relief and joy in a mother's eyes when she sees her baby after cleft surgery, knowing that this surgery has been done by the best and has saved her child's life. I have met the wonderful, skilled visionaries who, supported by Smile Train, are saving children's lives all over the world through education, surgery, and support. They are with the families every step of the way and work to strengthen communities to bring acceptance and empowerment."

Gregg Sulkin
Actor and Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador

“Happy to be part of [Smile Train’s] journey. This charity not just helps people physically, but most importantly emotionally get through their struggles."

Lucy Hale
Actress, Singer, Smile Train Goodwill Ambassador

"It was just incredible to see this little boy’s face change over the course of 45 minutes. It was just something so special to be a part of, and we got to see the mom see her son for the first time after the surgery, which was just, you know, everyone was in tears. It was a really cool moment to be a part of."

Tyler Henry
Clairvoyant Medium

"A smile is one of the most amazing gifts you can give. When you give a smile to a child with a cleft you help them eat, breathe, and speak more easily. You help them feel more confident and less isolated. You change their entire lives."

Kylie Jenner
Smile Train Ambassador, creator of Kylie Cosmetics℠, pop culture phenomenon, and entrepreneur.

"I think a person's smile tells so much about them. One person's smile can change someone else's day."

Justin Williams
Professional Ice Hockey Player

"Children's smiles are all unique, special and equally beautiful. Smile train helps make sure every child loves their own. My wife and I are thrilled to be a part of the team."

Miss Universe

Since January 2016, The Miss Universe Organization and Smile Train, the world’s largest cleft charity, have been involved in a charitable partnership to help raise awareness of the issues faced by children living with untreated clefts in the developing world. 

Katsuji Tanabe
Celebrity ​Chef

"Being a chef is special because food brings people together, makes them happy, and makes them smile. A smile is a powerful thing, and I am proud to support Smile Train in their efforts to change the world one smile at a time."

Hip Hop Artist

“The smile on a child's face is a precious gift. I'm honored to support Smile Train's vision of transforming the lives of children around the globe. Please join me and Smile Train to help give kids and their families' new lives, one smile at a time.”

Sooty and Richard
TV Star

"Sooty has brought smiles to generations of children for the last 70 years, so it is a perfect partnership with Smile Train to carry on that great tradition with the great work that they do. We are looking forward to using Sooty’s magic to continue bringing smiles to so many more people.​​​"

Aleska Genesis Castellanos

"Supporting Smile train has been the most beautiful and rewarding experience I have ever had. We are allowing the kids to continue dreaming, renewing the hopes for a better tomorrow.  The genuine smile will always express everything that the human race and being keeps in the soul.  Let's live the joy of each day, life is more beautiful, if we go through it smiling!"