The "Beat Bullying" Campaign

Objectives for Elementary School Students

  • Compare and contrast bullying issues children with cleft lip/palate face in the U.S. and China
  • Analyze statistical data and draw conclusions.
  • Reinforce math skills through diagrams, graphs, and charts.
  • Develop an anti-bullying campaign through creativity and teamwork.

Materials: Mathematical compass, paper, crayons

Build Background

(Duration: 30 min. - 1 hr.)

Discuss bullying with the class. Ask questions, such as "Do you know what a bully is or does? Have you ever seen someone being bullied?" Explain what a cleft lip/palate is, using the data on Smile Train's General Information about Cleft Lip and Palate page. Discuss the differences between a cleft lip and a cleft palate. Encourage children to think of words and phrases to describe how children with cleft lip/palate feel when they are bullied. Ask volunteers to write the words and phrases on the board.

Make Connections

(Duration: 1 - 2 hr.)

Give basic facts about China from Smile Train's China page. Using a compass, show students how to create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the statistics of the U.S. and China. Encourage children to create their own Venn diagrams and point out similarities and differences by shading areas with different colors.

Class Project

(Duration: 2 hrs.)

Have students draw pictures to show what they can do to stop bullying from happening in their school or community. Students will present pictures to other classes. Invite guest students to donate $1 to Smile Train's "Beat Bullying" campaign when they come to the presentations. Order your Smile Train donation box, and track your fundraising efforts during the school year on an online fundraising page.