Free Comprehensive Cleft Services

Cleft Surgeries

While our cost per surgery varies across the 85+ different countries we have worked in, our contribution per surgery is as low as $250. This amount reflects the contribution per surgery that we provide our partner hospitals. They also cover a significant portion of each surgery as part of our cost-sharing agreement.

Medical Equipment & Infrastructure Support

For many of our partners, access to safe operating rooms is their biggest barrier. Many struggle with old and/or poorly working equipment such as anesthesia machines and a lack of equipment and supplies. Smile Train provides financial support that has been used for everything from building new operating rooms to crucial safety equipment like pulse oximeters down to cleft surgical instruments and supplies like scalpels and sutures. All of these investments make not only a significant number of incremental surgeries possible, but also make these surgeries safer and of higher quality.

Ancillary Treatment

Every child with a cleft needs more than just surgery. They also need dental care, orthodontics and speech therapy. Where these services are available, we do everything we can to make them available to our patients. We pay for speech therapy sessions, dental and orthodontic work and much more.

Financial Aid For Poor Patients

Some of our patients are so malnourished they are not healthy enough to be operated on and are provided food for one to two weeks before surgery. Some of our patients are so poor they have no money to get home after surgery. Sometimes they have no shoes and no money for food. We have special programs that give small stipends for these poorest of the poor.

Training & Education

Smile Train provides more free training and education to cleft surgeons and related medical professionals than any other organization in the world. Since 1999, we have provided more than 66,000 free scholarships, surgical training resources, workshops and symposiums for doctors and medical professionals from 140+ countries.

It’s an economic problem – not a medical one.

Cleft surgery has been around for decades, but for a family living off less than $2 a day, they could never dream of affording it for their child.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day...

We leverage technology and innovation to train and utilize local partner hospitals and doctors and provide them with the resources, knowledge and skills to enable long-term sustainability.

We focus on one solvable problem...

Every child born with a cleft - anywhere in the world - should have the opportunity to live a full and productive life. Smile Train provides free cleft surgery to hundreds of thousands of poor children in developing countries.

Smile Train Report Card

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