Wedding Announcement: Wang Li, Smile Train's First Patient

Wang Li was a little girl too afraid to go to school because of her cleft lip. As Smile Train's first patient, her surgery represented a fresh start for not only her, but for every patient we have ever operated on. Thanks to her free cleft lip surgery, Wang Li was able to go to school, eventually get a job, and very recently, get married.

Read an update on Wang Li's wedding and her life before and since her free cleft surgery written by acclaimed author Mary Doria Russell.

Watch a video on Wang Li's life over the years.

It is with tremendous joy that Smile Train's staff announces the marriage of our first patient, Wang Li. Since Wang Li received free cleft surgery at our very first hospital, she has gone on to live a life that as a child she never thought possible. She has a well paying job, a new husband, and as you can tell in the she sent us below, she's very happy.

"Dear Uncle Charles Wang,

I am writing to wish you and your family good health, good luck and all dreams come true!

Uncle Wang, I am telling you good news about myself, I want to share my happiness with you and all brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts from Smile Train: I am married!!

My husband is also a descendant of peasants. He is humble, honest, kindhearted, and giving. He is also working at a factory of producing electronic products. We love each other. Our personalities match too. Our hearts are filled with hope for our brighter future.

I am truly grateful for you, Uncle Wang, it is you who gave me my second life and a brand new hope at life. It is Smile Train who gave me courage and confidence to go on with my life. I will never ever forget it all! I carve them in my heart and my memory will never fade! Thanks again to Smile Train. May my husband and I and wish Smile Train help more people born with clefts and make their smiles bloom and brighten their lives too!!"

— Wang Li