London — communication begins with something as simple as a smile. Children in developing countries with unrepaired clefts face lives of difficulty, isolation, and shame and are denied even the simple joys of smiling. Vertu's new Constellation Smile handset is a partnership to make sure that every child born with a cleft can smile.

The luxorious Constellation Smile represents communication at its most elegant and, with a donation to Smile Train to cover the cost of a full cleft surgery for each handset sold, represents the key to better communication for all.

The launch began in London with an exhibition of famed photographer Mary McCartney's latest work featuring former Smile Train patients and their lives after free cleft lip and palate surgery. Vertu expects to sell at least 5,000 of the handsets to provide a total donation to Smile Train of €1,000,000: enough to cover 5,000 cleft operations.

Charles B. Wang, Chairman of Smile Train said: “While we are proud and delighted that Smile Train has helped hundreds of thousands of deserving children, we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. Millions of children around the world still suffer from unrepaired clefts. That is why Smile Train will re-double our efforts to give these children the medical help that will transform their lives. And that is why, with the help of partners like Vertu around the world, we are determined to reach our next milestone.”

Perry Oosting, President of Vertu, said: “Today, we are proud and pleased to be starting out on this new journey with a prestigious charity such as Smile Train whereby we can help change the lives of the children through corrective cleft lip and palate surgery and ensure that these children always have a voice.”